Coinbase Review

Coinbase was started in 2012 with the sole idea that everyone around the world should be able to easily and safely send and receive Bitcoin. It is a secure online platform for buying, selling, storing and transferring cryptocurrency. It is a one-stop shop for traders and investors to utilize the primary balance service, exchanges and merchant tools all in one simple interface. There are around 108 million verified users and 245,000 ecosystem partners in over 100 countries that trust coinbase to carry out their services.


Coinbase offers its users a wallet and a trading platform


Coinbase Wallet gives the investor complete control of their crypto. Here, the private keys are stored directly on their mobile devices With Coinbase wallet, you can

  • Store all crypto and NFTs in one place
  • Explore the decentralized web on a mobile phone or browser
  • Protect digital assets with industry leading security
  • Get support for hundreds of thousands of tokens and dapps
  • You get to buy, swap, bridge, send and receive crypto wherever you may be with just a few clicks.

Coinbase Pro

Coinbase Pro is a trading platform for both individual traders and crypto lovers. It offers a secure way to buy, sell and trade assets online instantly. Individuals get to track the market, keep an eye on open orders and manage multiple portfolios. They also get to view trading history.



Coinbase focuses on transparency, risk management and consumer protection at all times.

Deposits And Withdrawals

Here are features of the Coinbase’s payment processes

  • Deposits within a coinbase account can be made to any portfolio
  • Self trade prevention applied so all portfolios are part of the same user
  • Any withdrawal limit will be based on account level
  • External deposits are limited in nature

Types Of Accounts

Coinbase offers services for Individuals, Businesses and Developers. It offers all investing/trading options in all top coins, including Bitcoin (BTC), Litecoin(LTC), Ethereum(ETH), Bitcoin Cash(BCH), Ethereum Classic(ETC). You can also explore emerging coins like Stellar Lumens or EOS. There is also an option to earn some for free.

  1. Individuals
    • Individuals get to buy, sell and use crypto as mentioned above, BTC, LTC, ETH, BCH, and ETC.
    • Control and store crypto and NFT’s in one place by using coinbase wallet.
  2. Businesses
  3. Coinbase provides a list of services for businesses such as ;

    • Solutions for institutional investors
    • The prime brokerage platform
    • Accept crypto from anyone
    • Direct access to our exchange
    • Simplified access to crypto market area
    • The ability to list assets
    • Investors will be able to power crypto compliance
    • Raise money for crypto startup
  4. Developers
    • Build web3 apps with APIs and node infrastructure
    • The ability to link dapps to coinbase wallet
    • Easy, secure fiat to crypto solution – Pay SDK
    • Read and write blockchain data
    • Accept crypto payments from customers
    • To exchange API
    • Offers coinbase users easy login to dapps
    • The chance to trade and custody crypto assets programmatically

Pricing And Fees

  • Primary Balance

    No fee is charged when crypto is transferred from one user’s primary balance account to another user’s primary balance.

  • Cryptocurrency Transactions

    For transactions made on cryptocurrency networks, fees are generally shown during the transaction on a preview screen, which is easy for the individual to understand.

  • Credit Transactions

    There is a fiat fee of 2% on the total transaction if investors borrow a currency from Coinbase which needs to be sold.

Learn Resources

Beginners get to go through guides, practical tips and market updates for first timers, experienced and everyone else in between is available on the Coinbase website. Everyone needs a chance to learn and grow in their investment plans to become better at making choices and now they can.

  1. Browse crypto prices
  2. View Coinbase Bytes newsletter
  3. Browse through tips and tutorials and market update
  4. Read about latest advancements in the crypto technology


Coinbase offers solutions for every issue that could arise:

  1. 2-step verification troubleshooting
  2. Resetting your password
  3. Any issue regarding your account

Customer support is also available on:

    1. Getting started, managing my account
    2. Trading and funding related problems
    3. Privacy and security
    4. Taxes and other topics

License And Regulation

Coinbase is authorized and regulated by the FCA by the register number 900635. Access to e-money services is not automatic and is only provided where Coinbase payments decides its role in discretion to provide them.


Coinbase is a licensed and regulated platform for individuals to buy, sell, exchange and receive cryptocurrency all over the world at any time. They have a variety of services and tools offered to individuals, businesses and developers to enhance their experience. It is transparent and customers protection is valued and focused on making it a smoother trading process.